Birkis Philosophy and History

Throughout the years – The Birkis
philosophy and history

Along with our proven anatomically formed cork footbed and our cheerfully colourful designs, the Birkis brand has been shaped over time by a series of clever ideas and inventions which accompany us to this day.

Complete information about the Birkis brand is available here and you can discover how we pave the way with our innovation for even more relaxed recreation for families.

1994 – Founding of Birki Schuh GmbH
Birki Schuh GmbH is established as a licensed brand of Birkenstock Orthopädie GmbH & Co. KG. With our sandals and clogs, we stand for all around well-being for the entire family.

1995 – New process: Direct sole injection
Birkis invents direct sole injection. This process inseparably fuses the Birko-Flor upper with the plastic footbed. This eliminates the need for glues and solvents – for the sake of the environment and your health.

1998 – Launching of "One Style – All Sizes"
Birkis introduces the logo "One Style – All Sizes". All models carrying this logo are available in both children's and adult sizes. For the "family partner look".

1999 – Development of Birki-cell beach sandals
Birkis is the first shoe manufacturer to develop beach sandals and clogs of Birki-cell, a light and robust EVA plastic. The beach sandal "Malibu", for example, is extremely popular.

2003 – Birkis creates the first 2gether models
All 2gether models have a two-part theme, which can only be recognised as a whole when both shoes stand correctly side-by-side. The particular highlight for children: they can learn more quickly how to put their shoes on correctly.

2004 – Launching of the customizable function models
Birkis designs the first customizable function models. These shoes offer such features as a foldable or removable heel strap, a removable instep strap or various clip-on accessories.

2005 – The Fun-Birki receives the Red Dot Award
The Fun-Birki is honoured in New York with the coveted Red Dot Award for innovative product design. The Red Dot Award is one of the world's largest and most renowned product competitions.

2007 – The soft alternative: The Birkis soft footbed
Birkis develops the soft footbed for everyone who prefers more comfort. It has a permanently elastic latex cushion, which is moulded for every size. In this way, the Birkis comfort can be gently enjoyed.

2008 – The Disney collection arrives
Birkis develops the first Disney collection with themes of beloved Disney stars such as Mickey, Minnie or Daisy. There are many models available for both children and adults – for Disney fun for young and old. The cooperation is highly successful and continues to this day.

2008 – The Muppets expand the Disney Collection
Birkis expands the beloved Disney Collection to include stars from the Muppets Show. As of now, Kermit, Fozzie and Animal delight Disney fans young and old. Many of these models carry the Birkis logo "One Style – All Sizes".

2009 – Gentle performance with the soft⊕base sole
Birkis develops the soft⊕base sole for even better walking comfort, particularly on hard surfaces such as stone or concrete. Its soft absorption layer smooths out ground unevenness and relieves pressure on the joints and back. It can be recognised by its two layers.

2009 – Birkis supports DKMS & DKMS LIFE
Birkis develops the first Charity Collection to benefit the DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei (German Bone Marrow Donor Center). Birki donates one Euro to DKMS for every charity shoe sold. In this way, Birkis supports the important work of DKMS and DKMS LIFE for people suffering from leukaemia.

2011 – Development of the aqua soft footbed
Birkis develops the aqua soft footbed. This Birki-foam footbed is comfortably soft thanks to millions of tiny foamed-up bubbles. It is waterproof, robust and very easy to care for.

2011 – Birkis uses the digital printing process
Birkis produces the first models using the digital printing process. This makes it possible to always place the design at the same position on the upper. In this way, the motif also grows with the respective shoe size.

2012 – Five new product lines
With the Collection 2012 Birkis is launching five new product ranges. They are called: 2gether, live, street, basic and function. The shoes that can be found in each product range fit together thematically and/or functionally.

2012 – The jeans-leather sandals have arrived
Birkis develops its first models of a jeans-leather material mix. The sandals "Andra", "Finn" and "Marten" have a robust-succinct optic. The new leisure look fulfils all wishes.

2012 – The new dynamic footbed
Birkis launches the dynamic footbed. This footbed consists of viscoelastic foam. It ensures optimal pressure distribution and outstanding absorption. The footbed offers the foot constant stability, independent of temperature effects. In addition, it is open-pored and thus breathable as well as moisture absorbing.

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