The classic Birkis cork footbed

It is elaborately produced using natural materials,
giving you long-lasting pleasure from your shoe.

The soft suede caresses your feet – providing an even
greater feeling of well-being.

The first jute layer draws moisture away from your foot
– creating a pleasant level of wearing comfort.

The heart of the Birkis footbed is the cork-latex core
which is inspired by the idea of a footprint in the sand.

The second jute layer gives the footbed additional
stability – every step of the way.

And finally, there’s the EVA sole which is very durable
and slip resistant..
Soft Footbeds

Birkis has the right footbed for every foot:

You would prefer something softer? With pleasure! Enjoy all of the benefits of the Birkis footbed in total comfort with our soft, feel-good variations.


Flexible and water resistant: The Birkis aqua soft footbed

Dieses Fußbett aus flexiblem Birki-Schaum vereint gleich mehrere positive Eigenschaften: Durch Millionen aufgeschäumter Bläschen ist es angenehm weich und stoßdämpfend. Außerdem ist es flexibel, widerstandsfähig und wasserfest. So macht es einfach jeden Spaß mit.


The softer alternative: The Birkis soft footbed

This footbed is made of flexible Birki-foam and combines many positive features: Because of millions of air bubbles it is enjoyably soft and shock-absorbing. It is furthermore flexible, robust and water resistant. This way it is perfect for every kind of fun activity.

dynamic footbed

Footbed with viscoelastic foam: The dynamic footbed

This footbed consists of viscoelastic foam, which is also used as a system for stabilising the foot in the athletic shoe industry. It ensures optimal pressure distribution and outstanding absorption. The footbed offers the foot constant stability, independent of temperature effects. In addition, it is open-pored and thus breathable as well as moisture absorbing.
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